Greys Apollo MK3

May 20th, 2011 by admin

A shore rod with a classic heritage, yet we have gone and taken it further. Using the knowledge we have gleaned from building successive generations of Apollo rods, we now present the Mk3 13′ and 14′.

The new Apollo rods have a slimmer parallel butt section and will feel a little crisper in use than the Apollo rods of the past to give greater lead control during the cast. These rods have been extensively tested in all kinds of conditions (some would call this “rod testing” another excuse for indulging in our passion, that being going fishing, but we will leave that up to you) and we firmly believe we have now created what could be called the ultimate rough ground tools. Rods that can be used almost anywhere though, but with serious guts in it to wrench fish through weed infested rocks, go to the Apollo when fishing gets tough.

Reel grip is assured by secure use of our patented Slide-Lock reel seat over our comfortable ‘Sure-Grip’ shrink tube.

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Greys Platinum GSI

May 18th, 2011 by admin

The Platinum GSI has been designed without compromise and is ideal for the angler looking to achieve ultimate casting distances. The GSI has a fast action with increased power in the butt that builds progressively up through the tip section. This action is adaptable for all kinds of casting styles, but especially so for the more advanced caster. And, very importantly, the rod works efficiently with the reel high or low on the butt.
The GSI utilises all of our latest carbon technologies, producing a high performance and extremely lightweight rod at only 891grams. It is also fantastically well balanced and handles as you would expect a 13′ rod to. The extra length provides increased leverage for ease of casting with all kinds of baits. The Platinum GSi adds another dimension to effectively landing fish in the toughest fishing conditions.

Ultra lightweight high performance blank
High power to weight ratio
Fuji BMNAG Alconite Guides
Sure Grips for easy take apart
Hi-Vis quick recovery tip

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BeachCasters Fishing Rod Reviews!!

May 4th, 2011 by admin

Beachcasters is currently being developed, once completed we hope everyone will give their “Honest” opinions on rods they use and give other anglers a chance to compare and decide which rod to buy.

In the meantime please visit for fishing tackle auctions and classifieds in the UK

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